Apocalypse Vancouver 20XX

Season 1, Episode 2: Outbreak!

John Wayne vs Clint Eastwood

Since their arrival, Whitmont and Evian have slowly enmeshed themselves into the fabric of Boundary. The Savvyhead has quickly proved his worth to Jeanette and the rest of the Boundary inhabitants, handily servicing the myriad machinery that keeps settlement running. Evian, though less skilled, had the beauty and the charm that made her instantly popular with the younger folk. Life was, as far as Apocalypse World goes, halfway decent.

Our three heroes were sent on an errand to fix the water pump that feeds Boundary. While Whitmont was fixing the pump at a nearby reservoir, the group was set upon by a group of wild dogs. Though it was a messy fight, the three came out ahead. Though K refused to murder the dogs, Whitmont and Magnum made up for it. Messily. Magnum also skinned a Samoyed. That happened.

When they returned, the three discovered a new problem: an inhabitant named Foster has fallen very ill with a quickly progressing, dysentery-like disease with characteristic liver spots. Through careful analysis, K discovered that the condition was bacterial in nature. However, regular antibiotics were ineffective. Jeanette, when notified, provided the Angel with a single dose of last line antibiotics, as well as giving Whitmont the green light to construct a quarantine for Foster. Fortunately, K once again displayed her aptitude and stabilized Foster using the antibiotics. Unfortunately, two more people fell ill.

Faced with this problem, the three learned that more antibiotics are in Delta Hospital nearby. The problem was the area has been settled by the Iron Birds, a tribe of people who lived in the ‘Native American lifestyle’ gleaned from a collection of old Westerns. Magnum, Whitmont, and K decided to negotiate with them for the medicine.

They arrived in the hospital, along with Chin, and met with the leaders of the tribe. Magnum managed to piss off Red Coyote, a young warleader of the Iron Birds. Luckily his friends successfully covered for him and supported him, and they made their plea effectively enough that Blue Albatross, the old chief of this arm of the Iron Birds, allowed them to meet with their medicine woman, Hot Pink Squirrel.

The three met with Hot Pink Squirrel, an old crone with an eccentric streak. She knows of the disease that Boundary is suffering from, but as payment for the cure she asked for a new story. Put on the spot, our heroes came up with a duel of skill between John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. It has since become quite popular amongst the Iron Birds, actually, especially the kids. Hot Pink Squirrel provided the party with a bunch of roots from a local tree that, when brewed into a tea, cures the infection.

K quickly distributed the cure to the ill, stabilizing them. One of K’s urchin assistants fell ill. The three determined that the disease spread through excrement, and tracked it all back to Foster, who said that he ate berries outside of the settlement. They investigated it and found sick crows in the area. Chin came on to the scene and offered his services: first with a machine gun, then pistols, and finally with a hunting rifle. In a short while, the crows were culled, and Boundary hopefully lives for another day.



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