Apocalypse Vancouver 20XX

Season 1, Episode 1: Welcome to Boundary

The prologue to our adventure

In this short episode we meet the heroes—or should I say the victims— of our tale. First we encountered Whitmont, a Savvyhead who hung up his chaps, weary of the fast and furious lifestyle of a roving Chopper. What camaraderie he left behind with his old gang, the Black Roses, he made up for with an odd affinity towards all things mechanical. To compound to his Weirdness, Whitmont has the peculiar habit of finding exactly what he needs in the back of his mobile workshop…

And then Magnum catwalked onto the scene. Once he utilized his impossibly good looks to gather secrets, Magnum tasted the lucrative lifestyle of an elite escort and decided to never go back. And thus was born the Skinner, a hypnotic being able to send another person into a pit of bliss—an incredibly valuable skill in the blasted world of the Apocalypse. Together with his trusty ferret, Magnum escaped from the clutches of a mob boss who got too possessive, searching for a future as a companion to others. Preferably those with deep pockets.

Finally, the mysterious Kay (or K, or Kaye), stepped out of the woodworks. Kay did not deign show much, not even gender. This peculiarity was often overlooked when weighed against Kay’s aptitude as an Angel. Kay brought people back from the jaws of death, and that was enough. Driven by a deeply repressed, painful memory of a mother’s death, Kay set out to eliminate suffering, one way or another… But when people around Kay began to die, some asked: is this Angel a Saviour, or a Harbinger?

These three wandering souls crossed paths in British Columbia, near the border that once marked the boundary between the US and Canada. Whitmont, who rescued a girl meant for tribute to a warlord, made his escape North, up the coast. They came across some bad water, and the girl Evian came down with disease. To make matters worse, Whitmont’s semi ran out of gas, and the pair was stranded out in the middle of the highway.

As fate would have it, however, Magnum and Kay, who were on an assignment from the settlement they both joined recently, came across Whitmont and Evian. Both knew Whitmont from previous encounters, and was quick to offer their aid. Kay looked at Evian and concluded that she needed some antibiotics to fight off her infection—something that should be available back at the settlement.

With the aid of the gasoline from an abandoned truck, the four of them made their way to a thriving settlement built on top of a runway circuit: Boundary. Kay served as Boundary’s resident physician, while Magnum snuck through the sheets of Jeanette, the settlement’s leader, into her good graces. Whitmont managed to convince the guard, Chin, to grant him and Evian passage with the promise of dirt on the commonly maligned Magnum. Meanwhile, the Skinner sensed trouble with Jeanette, and was quick to slink away upon arrival.

Jeanette, already high strung from reports of supply shortages, stormed towards the party. She was not pleased to find out that Kay promised to use the colony’s dwindling medical supplies on a stranger, and denied them. Somehow Whitmont conjured the exact antibiotics that Evian needed inside a drill press. Don’t ask.

Jeanette tried to grab the medicine from Kay’s hand, who managed to dodge out of the way. Thwarted, Jeanette left in a huff, reluctantly accepting the two wayward souls to Boundary.



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