Tall and wiry, Whitmont still wears the leathers of his past, and a faded black rose remains tattooed on his shoulder. He has long, greying hair pulled back into a ponytail, and a piercing gaze that cuts to the heart of a matter.

Biker’s leathers: 1-armour

When in dangerous areas, Whitmont commonly carries a magnum, souvenir of his chopper past. He also has a crowbar which does double duty as both tool and weapon, assisting him with the rougher side of repairs while also aiding with the rougher side of people.

Magnum: 3-harm, reload, close, loud

Crowbar: 2-harm, hand, messy

His talents as a savvyhead began to emerge very strongly as he aged, partially leading to his choice to leave the Roses and lead a semi-isolated life. While very observant and intelligent, Whitmont is neither charismatic nor brutal.

0 Cool, -1 Hard, -1 Hot, +2 Sharp, +2 Weird

Whitmont lives out of his trailer, a 52-foot semi-trailer, which does double duty as both home and workshop. It’s a battered old trailer – bullet holes have been repaired with corrugated metal, and there are rusty patches and scratches all over it. All of his tools, including his delicate machining instruments, are in the back of this trailer.


Originally from the ganglands of Nevada, Whitmont was part of a chopper gang in his youth, the Black Roses. These were the tumultuous years: drugs, excitement, success, yes, but also failure, injury, poverty, and constant fighting and competition. It was during these years that he took his magnum from a fallen enemy chopper, and during these years that he met Magnum on the job.

When fighting a rival gang, the Roses came upon some good luck, and were eventually able to capture and subdue a number of rival choppers. One of them bore a magnum with some crude yet distinctive carvings on the handle. Young Whitmont, jealous of this gun, took it for himself as a prize and a reminder of the price of failure. He carried it with him when he was assigned to help Magnum during their time together, and kept it with him after he left the Black Roses. Now, however, it serves as a reminder of the cost of violence and of Whitmont’s reasons for leaving the Roses.

As he aged, Whitmont began to display outbursts of psychic power. Sometimes it was harmless, merely flashes of insight or sudden visions. Other times, he woke from nightmares to find everybody near him screaming as they shared his nightmares. Finally, tired and sickened of the violence of the Roses’ way of life, and frightened that he might harm somebody before he learned to control his access to the maelstrom, Whitmont left the Roses. The parting was amicable, and he kept in contact with them as he claimed his truck and began to shape a life for himself as a savvyhead.


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