All around you lay fallow fields, stretching as far as the eye could see. What was once fertile, however, now lay blasted, and mired in saltwater. Greenish yellow filth floated on the mud-soaked fields, too toxic and salt-ridden for agriculture, but too unstable for structures. To the south you see the muddy waters of the Strait of Georgia, and even now stubborn debris from the Apocalypse remained, anchored to the corpses of ships and houses blown out to sea.

Amidst all this destruction, however, you see a ragtag structure standing strong. Its walls are made of piles of gouged, rusted cars, lined with corrugated steel facing out. Once-yellow tractors had a steel and timber barrier bolted to one side, and served as makeshift gates. The walls spanned an impressive distance, forming a massive triangle. Every so often a guard tower built from dead cranes peeked over the wall, manned by guards armed with a hunting rifle. You notice that although the surrounding lands were soft earth, the wall was built upon a foundation of smooth concrete. It took you a moment to realize that the walls followed the lines of a runway, occupying what used to be the Boundary Bay Airport.


Leader: Jeanette
Population: ~200
Supplies: Low
Power: Moderate
Technology: Moderate

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