Evian is an intensely beautiful girl of about 14. Her platinum blonde hair cascaded down her slender back, almost reaching her waist. Her steel grey eyes spoke of a fiery soul, and if that did not suffice, the string of obscenities that would escape her delicate lips upon noticing your stare, would convince you of the fact.

Her parents were relatively well-off by Apocalypse World’s standards, being able to afford to supply a ship from France, taking shelter upon the vast ocean. As such, her childhood was quite blessed, and her bright soul unmarred except for the raid when her ship made port to resupply. Her parents were killed, and Evian was taken by Mama Bear’s gang in Reno.

When Mama Bear tasked Whitmont and Paul Mustang to deliver her as a tribute to the warlord Silver Spoon of the Quicksilver Angels, the Savvyhead instead chose to be her salvation, spiriting her away from Nevada, and the two headed North towards Canada, and hopefully a future.

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