Strands of iron streaked Jeanette’s mahogany hair, tied into a tight ponytail. The responsibilities of Boundary’s leaderships took a toll upon her, grooves etched upon her face far too deep for a woman of 36. Her gaze pierces everything it sees, weighing, calculating: friend or foe? Beneficial or detrimental? What began as a small colony of her neighbours and family ballooned to a settlement of over two hundred souls. It was easy to welcome refugees into their fold, but it was difficult to turn them away. But as Boundary’s supplies dwindled, Jeanette had to. Every single time, she would look the supplicating souls in the eyes, and sentence them to further exile in the wastes of Apocalypse World.

Jeanette brooks no nonsense, and she exudes an intense air of authority. She was not a charming leader, but a pillar. Her utilitarian ways provided the citizens of Boundary stability amidst the maelstrom. Thus far her rule was absolute… but before now Boundary had excess resources.

Underneath it all Jeanette was, of course, human. And humans are often victims of temptation, as proven by her readiness to take up Magnum, a Skinner. He allowed her to forget about Boundary, if only for fleeting moments.

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